Sunday, July 26, 2009

Omar Tyree on "The Passing of E. Lynn Harris"

"E. Lynn Harris was by far the most generous big brother in the African-American publishing world. He was the one professional most willingto give you, not only publishing advise, but a review quote on your new book, tour assistance and even public appearances to help you out in your aspirationsto become a successful author.

When I first met E. at Book Expo America party in Chicago back in 1996, he already knew who I was, he had already read my work, and he greeted me with support and enthusiasm.

Once, he even hosted an event for me at Chicago's Shark Bar for the release of Single Mom, my third published novel with Simon & Schuster. And I never heard the mad have a sour comment for anyone. He was a hardworking author who understood what being a writer of the people was all about.

E. Lynn Harris and his poise and leadership in the publishing world of African-American books will be sadly missed."

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why Leslie First? - Omar Tyree

I know, I know, I know, many of you guys would just loooove to see Flyy Girl as my first movie. The only problem is, most of the readers who love Flyy Girl so much have never bothered to read many of my other books. So if I gave them Flyy Girl first as a movie, would they even bother to see my otherfilms? Because if I can't trust them to read the other books, then whyshould I trust them to see the other films? And they have all had PLENTY of time toread my other books. And they ALL GOOD READS!

So for the first film, since I want to have a film CAREER and not just one movie deal, we decided very strategically to go with the Leslie franchise first, where we can possible do 3 films with a character that folks willlove and want to see much more of. But if you guys have not read Leslie the book,you have no idea what you're missing.

Therefore, a New Orleans-based suspense vehicle like Leslie would get us "out-of-the-box" of typical African-American films that may immediately destroy new types of ideas if I were to do the obvious Flyy Girl first. Andsince we know everyone is waiting for Flyy Girl anyway, we decided do it when we have more experience and power to do it RIGHT and have plenty of marketing money to push it. But you often have to beg on the first movie, so we'drather do that on an exciting trilogy film like Leslie.

Second, I would love to do Sweet St. Louis as an urban love story or One Crazy Night, as a run-for-your-life thriller. Then we would do Flyy Girl third, followed by Diary of A Groupie, the Leslie sequel, Just Say No!, TheLast Street Novel, Pecking Order. We have plenty of great film vehicles, but I will NOT make the mistake of giving fans the only book they ever read ofmine FIRST and then being nervous about whether they will continue to follow my film career, because they have not done so with the books.

So the idea is to force an audience to enjoy my other great content first, then I can keep a film career going with respect, instead of being one film and out with Flyy Girl. With all that being said, we will also need the power and money to choose and original franchise actress for Flyy Girl,shoot it in Philly, go back to the 80s, get the wardrobe right, keep the locations outside. And those are all ideas that we will have to FIGHT FOR that we may not be able to do on a first film without having that power.

So bear with us. We will get to Flyy Girl, just learn to read something else with my name on it first, starting with Leslie. And if I can't count onyou to do that, then I have to honestly say that you're not an Omar Tyreefan, you're a Flyy Girl fan. But I want an Omar Tyree film career, and not a Flyy Girl film career. Flyy Girl is only one movie. And I want to make 20movies or more. You feel me? So learn to respect the man's other work.

What are your comments on all of that? I'm curious to know?

Omar Tyree