Sunday, December 6, 2009

an original STAGEPLAY

From the man who brought you Flyy Girl, A Do Right Man, Single Mom, For The Love of Money, Sweet St. Louis, Just Say No!, Diary of a Groupie, Dirty Old Men and What They Want, comes . . . an original STAGEPLAY!

Witness the ground breaking, original play from New York Times, award-winning author and filmmaker Omar Rashad Tyree

The most honest and valid depiction of the contemporary dating game of relationships between men and women that you’ve ever scene on stage or screen, will be coming to a city near you in 2010, written like only Omar Tyree can write it!


So get your tickets

That's right, you heard it here first, folks! While we await the final tie-ins to produce my first feature film - Leslie - I have decided to jump into the stageplay business. No since in me waiting around with so many things to say and so much talent to say it with.

So this first stageplay of mine is going to be an original idea all about the economics of the dating game in our very REAL economic times. How much do you spend on a date, and who do you date economically toward marriage?

These are REAL issues to tackle right now.

But what line of title will fly the highest and with what crowd? Churchgoers seem to dominate the African-American play circuit, but a very strong secular title would work for the secular club crowd and the college students.

So that becomes the new question for my marketing . . .

And I've already started writing it, folks! So stay tuned!

And what do you all THINK about the idea?