Sunday, December 6, 2009

an original STAGEPLAY

From the man who brought you Flyy Girl, A Do Right Man, Single Mom, For The Love of Money, Sweet St. Louis, Just Say No!, Diary of a Groupie, Dirty Old Men and What They Want, comes . . . an original STAGEPLAY!

Witness the ground breaking, original play from New York Times, award-winning author and filmmaker Omar Rashad Tyree

The most honest and valid depiction of the contemporary dating game of relationships between men and women that you’ve ever scene on stage or screen, will be coming to a city near you in 2010, written like only Omar Tyree can write it!


So get your tickets

That's right, you heard it here first, folks! While we await the final tie-ins to produce my first feature film - Leslie - I have decided to jump into the stageplay business. No since in me waiting around with so many things to say and so much talent to say it with.

So this first stageplay of mine is going to be an original idea all about the economics of the dating game in our very REAL economic times. How much do you spend on a date, and who do you date economically toward marriage?

These are REAL issues to tackle right now.

But what line of title will fly the highest and with what crowd? Churchgoers seem to dominate the African-American play circuit, but a very strong secular title would work for the secular club crowd and the college students.

So that becomes the new question for my marketing . . .

And I've already started writing it, folks! So stay tuned!

And what do you all THINK about the idea?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

“The Business Question Of The Week”

What’s your take on the international arena at this point in time, and how the turmoil overseas affects our economics and well being back at home in the United States?

Asked by Jared Sinaka from New York City

Omar Tyree Answers:

Well, first of all, it’s been quite a while since I’ve answered any business blog questions or otherwise. Once I traveled out to Hollywood, California, I’ve been very preoccupied with my own career in the television and film world of entertainment as a show and film creator and writer. And that’s how I will answer your question.

We have President Barack Obama, and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, both dealing with the international scene as best they can at this point, while of course, being swamped by so many economic issues that are taxing us at home. Now I read a newspaper article just yesterday, where the writer had the opinion that the present foreign policymakers lack experience and muscle, strictly because they are not intent on bullying the rest of the world like the America of the past.

Well, it takes a lot of money, effort and time to bully the world, and we don’t have those resources at our disposal right now. So unless folks you folks are ready and willing to start what could become the final world war of humanity, with Iran and North Korea, we have to continue to keep our cool, like Obama and Clinton, while pulling together our own house in America. Literally!

On the other hand, when you’re not able to concentrate on foreign issues, either as a nation or as individuals, we also run the risk of allowing turmoil to go unchecked until we are no longer able to pull the situation back into order. Nevertheless, life will ALWAYS find ways to challenge us no matter what we do. So either way, America will continue to be challenged by the events of the international world just like everyone else. But I don’t see the rest of the world panicking. They all deal with it like mature nations who have been through it all before, and have survived it.

Personally, I have to admit, I am more focused on Team Tyree right now and making sure I can continue to map my laps back and forth across the pool of life to provide the economics and poise that are needed for the survival of my own nuclear family in these hard economic times. So I will leave it up to the Team USA and their foreign policy positions to work out their jobs to protect our interest and safety worldwide. Anything more than that from me would be a stretch at this time. My hands are full.

But my idea is that a strong home and family makes us a stronger nation abroad. But if we have folks who neglect their own households to concern themselves about the issues of the world at this point, when the world settles back into comfort, we will only return home to find ourselves in a battle there. So pick your poison, and select your medicine. But for me, the choice is definitely family first. America first! And we let the foreign policy officials do their jobs with more faith. That’s what we all have to have right now.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Omar Tyree on "The Passing of E. Lynn Harris"

"E. Lynn Harris was by far the most generous big brother in the African-American publishing world. He was the one professional most willingto give you, not only publishing advise, but a review quote on your new book, tour assistance and even public appearances to help you out in your aspirationsto become a successful author.

When I first met E. at Book Expo America party in Chicago back in 1996, he already knew who I was, he had already read my work, and he greeted me with support and enthusiasm.

Once, he even hosted an event for me at Chicago's Shark Bar for the release of Single Mom, my third published novel with Simon & Schuster. And I never heard the mad have a sour comment for anyone. He was a hardworking author who understood what being a writer of the people was all about.

E. Lynn Harris and his poise and leadership in the publishing world of African-American books will be sadly missed."

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why Leslie First? - Omar Tyree

I know, I know, I know, many of you guys would just loooove to see Flyy Girl as my first movie. The only problem is, most of the readers who love Flyy Girl so much have never bothered to read many of my other books. So if I gave them Flyy Girl first as a movie, would they even bother to see my otherfilms? Because if I can't trust them to read the other books, then whyshould I trust them to see the other films? And they have all had PLENTY of time toread my other books. And they ALL GOOD READS!

So for the first film, since I want to have a film CAREER and not just one movie deal, we decided very strategically to go with the Leslie franchise first, where we can possible do 3 films with a character that folks willlove and want to see much more of. But if you guys have not read Leslie the book,you have no idea what you're missing.

Therefore, a New Orleans-based suspense vehicle like Leslie would get us "out-of-the-box" of typical African-American films that may immediately destroy new types of ideas if I were to do the obvious Flyy Girl first. Andsince we know everyone is waiting for Flyy Girl anyway, we decided do it when we have more experience and power to do it RIGHT and have plenty of marketing money to push it. But you often have to beg on the first movie, so we'drather do that on an exciting trilogy film like Leslie.

Second, I would love to do Sweet St. Louis as an urban love story or One Crazy Night, as a run-for-your-life thriller. Then we would do Flyy Girl third, followed by Diary of A Groupie, the Leslie sequel, Just Say No!, TheLast Street Novel, Pecking Order. We have plenty of great film vehicles, but I will NOT make the mistake of giving fans the only book they ever read ofmine FIRST and then being nervous about whether they will continue to follow my film career, because they have not done so with the books.

So the idea is to force an audience to enjoy my other great content first, then I can keep a film career going with respect, instead of being one film and out with Flyy Girl. With all that being said, we will also need the power and money to choose and original franchise actress for Flyy Girl,shoot it in Philly, go back to the 80s, get the wardrobe right, keep the locations outside. And those are all ideas that we will have to FIGHT FOR that we may not be able to do on a first film without having that power.

So bear with us. We will get to Flyy Girl, just learn to read something else with my name on it first, starting with Leslie. And if I can't count onyou to do that, then I have to honestly say that you're not an Omar Tyreefan, you're a Flyy Girl fan. But I want an Omar Tyree film career, and not a Flyy Girl film career. Flyy Girl is only one movie. And I want to make 20movies or more. You feel me? So learn to respect the man's other work.

What are your comments on all of that? I'm curious to know?

Omar Tyree

Monday, June 8, 2009

Penning Poetry

This week’s “Business Question of the Week” takes me back to the days when I wrote and performed poetry. Kimberly Tyler from Maryland asks:

I can see that you are now heading in a business direction with your career and everything, but I was just wondering if you were still able to write and perform poetry. I saw you perform poetry nearly a decade ago at Del State, and I was wondering if you had abandoned your poetry skills for everything else that you’re doing?

Omar Tyree Answers:

Wow! Talk about more perfect timing. I was up in Philadelphia last week, and a group of several friends informed me that this new downtown poetry spot was hot and piping. So they asked me to stop by and enjoy. Well, I dropped on in, became inspired by the energy in the room, and immediately wrote the poem below to perform as a “special guest” that evening. And I do hope that I still have the poetic goods (smile).

Truth Serum, 2009

by Omar Tyree . . .

It’s been a long time
since I’ve tried to entertain the minds of like kinds
and for the past 10 years I’ve been in a state of decline
from poetry
Nah, that’s cool. I’m cool. Poetry don’t make no money.
Then I walk into an excited, loud, proud crowd
like this one, and decide to press rewind, and fall back into the time
when I used to do this (stuff), and do it well
at the North Star Bar in North Philly
Incognito in DC
Back Words in Baltimore
and the Neuyorican Cafe in the big city, I meant Apple.
So take a bite of this with sticky candy on top
and get your teeth stuck
hundreds of thousands of Americans are out of luck now
downsized, out-sourced, defaulted, kicked out, left out, walked out
talked out, and stalked out on the streets like the Walking Dead
and talking heads won’t fix it.
We need a prescription of economic penicillin to eradicate
the disease of addiction, but addiction is the American way
where we’ll pay for ANYTHING that makes us feel good.
(Shucks), that’s why I’m off to Hollywood now to become a dealer
of American entertainment.
Lights, camera, action, money, and poetry don’t make none
you’re with the networks that pimp the poets for $50 a pop and a chance
to make the next poetry inspired Mc Donald’s commercial
where you push a sexy box of Chicken McNuggets
during the NBA Championship
and brag to your family and friends about it.
Nah, (forget) that!
I wanna write the whole show and the jingle and keep getting paid
Finger-lickin chicken with McNuggets, McNuggets
Finger-lickin chicken with McNuggets
Get some
Finger-lickin chicken with McNuggets, McNuggets
Finger-lickin chicken with McNuggets
Get some . . . morrre
Ching ching! Pay check please. And excuse my urgency
but something needs to happen that pays the bills
something needs to happen that accumulates greenbacks and gold.
Can poetry be sold yet?
(Shucks), looks like I dun crossed over to the other side
the scorned capitalist, the bean counter, Mr. Bottom-Line
who don’t talk loud no more, I just ask the question softly,
“Where’s the money?”
Show it to me, so I can swim in it, like an Indecent Proposal
naked, dirty and sexy money
so I propose this to the poets, create poetry that makes some.
I guess you can see where my head is at, I’m on some executive (stuff)!
But at the end of the day, poetry still exists
because human thoughts and emotions are still priceless
and with simple pen and paper
even a broke (joker) can become GENIUS
and shine
like the sun.
That’s why we do it.
That’s why we do it.
That’s why . . .
we do it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cotton Candy or Spinach… Here’s hoping I can avoid both pitfalls

This week’s Business Question of the Week was sent in by Mike who hails from my hometown of Philadelphia, PA:

I'm nearly finished writing my first novel, First Floor on Fire, which is fiction but strongly inspired by my experience teaching in a tough public high school in Philadelphia. My book is an attempt at being both strongly intellectual, viscerally emotional and thematically complex. Most books make readers choose between cotton candy or spinach, and here's hoping I can avoid both pitfalls.

Omar Tyree Answers:

Mike, you can basically decide to write whatever book you want in whatever style you choose to write it in, but your success rate will ultimately depend on the book's acceptance from an audience. And if the audience wants cotton candy, they will toss your spinach out the window and disappoint you. However, writing spinach is still in the eyes of the reader. You may think you're being complicated, but who is to say that your complication will automatically be understood?

Artistically speaking, when viewing The Equation of life, many artistic individuals may begin to view their specific genius as universal, where it may not be. And I know this situation personally. I have always had a higher goal for my work that many readers have not shared. So you end up creating Art for a particular Purpose, and with a genuine method of your own madness. However, that does not mean that everyone will get it. This happens with poets all of the time. They believe that their individual poems are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but the audience is sometimes unmoved by it, landing you back at the drawing board of wanting to make a connection.

There is a reason why artistic professionals sometimes make a conscious decision to "dumb down" their material. They want to make sure that they reach a wider audience, and you cannot always assume that every customer is on the same literate level to understand your material. Nevertheless, if it is your goal to market to a higher group of intellectuals with your particular craft, then that is your prerogative to do so. But you must understand that you will need to accept how the audience responds either way.

That is the reality of a "free market." We all have the opportunity to choose what we want. Every artistic person must understand that they are not the only "genius" in the marketplace with a particular creation. And whether you call another person's Art "cotton candy" or "spinach," they are ALL creations that will compete in an open marketplace, and that will all serve a Purpose for a buying society whether we like it, agree with it or not.

So indeed, write the book that you want to write. But at the end of the day, you will need to make certain sacrifices to publish successfully for an audience who is ultimately outside of your personal computer. You feel me? When other people can relate and just "get it" it is indeed a great feeling. But sometimes, we can actually outdo ourselves by trying to do too much. So we must all make personal assessments regarding what we are willing to live with once we place our creative items out on the marketplace for sale. Because at that point, the creation is no longer yours. It's now theirs. That's what becoming "published" is all about.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What About the Children Pt. 2

This week we continue with Rochelle Frazier’s question regarding the Urban Literacy Project. Rochelle asked:

Recently you began the Urban Literacy Project. What is the purpose of this project and how will it uplift youth?

Omar Tyree Responds:

Continuing with the business question of last week, I pick back up with the 5 Key Components of Literacy by discussing the 3rd Component of Thinking. The human ability to Think becomes the engine of everything we Read, Write, Visualize and Apply. But we have far too many students and citizens who have talked themselves into believing their thoughts are unimportant. And far too many common people answer, “Nothing,” whenever they are asked the elementary question of what they’re Thinking about. However, no one is EVER Thinking Nothing! Even while humans sleep, they Think in the form of dreams. The human mind never shuts down. Nevertheless, we shut our own minds down by repeating to ourselves that there’s nothing going on upstairs in our brains, which is a lie. Therefore, I teach students, teachers and parents alike to always value the genius of their thoughts, or forever follow the world in a dark cloud that adds no source of creative light. You are as you THINK! So if you Think Nothing . . . But if you Think Everything . . .

Then I deal with the 4th Component of Visualization, or being able to comprehend and Visualize what you Read, Write, Think and Apply. Can you actually see the meaning of the words? As I explain in lectures, successful people are those who can see the victory before they even begin the battle. As the Bible says, “Without vision the people will perish.” Well, we can all have Vision through literacy. The words we all Read, Write, Think and Apply have meanings beyond the page, beyond the microphone, beyond the backboard, beyond the tape recorder, and beyond our own minds. But if we cannot Visualize the images of the words when we Read them, Write them, Think them, or Apply them, then we are not really literate. Comprehension is all about developing the image of ideas through our mind’s eye! That is the visual power of literacy!

I wrap up with the 5th Component of Literacy being Application, or the ability to Apply what we Read, Write, Think or Visualize. When a person can Apply their learning, they can then Read directions on how to put together a bike, Write about who bought the bike for them and why, Think about where they want to ride it, and Visualize a faster or bigger bike. That, my friends, is the Application of literacy. And if we intend for American students to become valuable to our society, then every student must be able to Apply literacy. That’s our goal for the Urban Literacy Project, to teach everyone the importance of these 5 Key Components all around the country, and maybe next, THE WORLD!

Again, for more information, visit my web site @ / Urban Literacy Project links, and inquire about how we can work to bring the Urban Literacy Project to your local school district.

The Chairman - - Omar Rashad Tyree