Sunday, July 26, 2009

Omar Tyree on "The Passing of E. Lynn Harris"

"E. Lynn Harris was by far the most generous big brother in the African-American publishing world. He was the one professional most willingto give you, not only publishing advise, but a review quote on your new book, tour assistance and even public appearances to help you out in your aspirationsto become a successful author.

When I first met E. at Book Expo America party in Chicago back in 1996, he already knew who I was, he had already read my work, and he greeted me with support and enthusiasm.

Once, he even hosted an event for me at Chicago's Shark Bar for the release of Single Mom, my third published novel with Simon & Schuster. And I never heard the mad have a sour comment for anyone. He was a hardworking author who understood what being a writer of the people was all about.

E. Lynn Harris and his poise and leadership in the publishing world of African-American books will be sadly missed."

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  1. Omar,

    What a wonderful thing to say about E. Lynn Harris. I am so happy you had that great experience with him. Pass it on. God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to someone else.

    Robin Breedon