Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What About the Children Pt. 2

This week we continue with Rochelle Frazier’s question regarding the Urban Literacy Project. Rochelle asked:

Recently you began the Urban Literacy Project. What is the purpose of this project and how will it uplift youth?

Omar Tyree Responds:

Continuing with the business question of last week, I pick back up with the 5 Key Components of Literacy by discussing the 3rd Component of Thinking. The human ability to Think becomes the engine of everything we Read, Write, Visualize and Apply. But we have far too many students and citizens who have talked themselves into believing their thoughts are unimportant. And far too many common people answer, “Nothing,” whenever they are asked the elementary question of what they’re Thinking about. However, no one is EVER Thinking Nothing! Even while humans sleep, they Think in the form of dreams. The human mind never shuts down. Nevertheless, we shut our own minds down by repeating to ourselves that there’s nothing going on upstairs in our brains, which is a lie. Therefore, I teach students, teachers and parents alike to always value the genius of their thoughts, or forever follow the world in a dark cloud that adds no source of creative light. You are as you THINK! So if you Think Nothing . . . But if you Think Everything . . .

Then I deal with the 4th Component of Visualization, or being able to comprehend and Visualize what you Read, Write, Think and Apply. Can you actually see the meaning of the words? As I explain in lectures, successful people are those who can see the victory before they even begin the battle. As the Bible says, “Without vision the people will perish.” Well, we can all have Vision through literacy. The words we all Read, Write, Think and Apply have meanings beyond the page, beyond the microphone, beyond the backboard, beyond the tape recorder, and beyond our own minds. But if we cannot Visualize the images of the words when we Read them, Write them, Think them, or Apply them, then we are not really literate. Comprehension is all about developing the image of ideas through our mind’s eye! That is the visual power of literacy!

I wrap up with the 5th Component of Literacy being Application, or the ability to Apply what we Read, Write, Think or Visualize. When a person can Apply their learning, they can then Read directions on how to put together a bike, Write about who bought the bike for them and why, Think about where they want to ride it, and Visualize a faster or bigger bike. That, my friends, is the Application of literacy. And if we intend for American students to become valuable to our society, then every student must be able to Apply literacy. That’s our goal for the Urban Literacy Project, to teach everyone the importance of these 5 Key Components all around the country, and maybe next, THE WORLD!

Again, for more information, visit my web site @ www.OmarTyree.com / Urban Literacy Project links, and inquire about how we can work to bring the Urban Literacy Project to your local school district.

The Chairman - - Omar Rashad Tyree

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