Monday, May 11, 2009

The First 100

This week’s Business Question was sent in by Kyle Bleacher from Chi-town. His question reads:

President Obama has been given grades of A to D for his first 100 days in office. What are your thoughts on his progress so far with issues such as the economy, health care, the war, etc.?

Omar Tyree Responds:

First of all, I want to share a belated HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of the mothers out there, and to the soon-to-be mothers. Now we get back to the question. Barack Obama and his ascension to the presidency of the United States of America was one of our first blog questions of the year. We broke down in business terms how he became successful in his endeavor. So it only makes sense for us to come back and evaluate him after his first 100 days. And we will address each of your 3 sub questions.

#1) The Economy – Whoever thought that Barack Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, or whoever else would be able to step into office on January 20, 2009, and immediately correct a slumping economy is delusional. It was not an overnight process that got us all into trouble, and it will not be an overnight process that gets us out. However, President Obama understood that he had to do SOMETHING and do it FAST! And he’s been able to do so. So I give him an A for his immediate efforts. We have plenty of folks (mostly Republicans) who are sitting on the fence complaining about the moves that he is making, but again, no one’s economic plan would have corrected our situation immediately, so we all must wait until the year is out to effectively grade Obama.

#2) Healthcare – Same deal. I give Obama an A for effort. I mean, this man jumped right into office and went to WORK! He is trying to create a healthcare plan for ALL AMERICANS. How can that be a bad thing? As long as we all live in America and pay taxes, then let’s have a government that looks out for its citizens in every way possible. So I’m in agreement with this major move. Those who may not be in agreement (more Republicans) are most likely already covered with healthcare. So they look at it as more wasted money on those who cannot afford to pay.

#3) The War – If you’re referring to Iraq, we should have never been there in the first place. So, President Obama is now setting goals to correct that mistake. However, since we are already there and created the mess, it would be ridiculous to pull out overnight. A comprehensive withdraw plan makes sense. In reference to Afghanistan, Obama’s move to establish more troops in that volatile region makes sense as well. The continued insurgence of terrorist’s practices in the Middle East does no good to anyone. So he gets another A from me in assessing that more security has to be committed against nations and leaders who continue to fight against the establishment of PEACE!

The overall Equation of Barack Obama remains a good one. He has now proven to be a Passionate man who creates more RED ACTION than just words. Remember his presidential opponents used to make those comments about him only being a man of words. I don’t think that’s the case now. Obama has also shown a lot of GOLD Artistic SKILL in governing the most powerful nation in the world. Remember folks felt he would be too young and inexperienced for the position of president? He continues to have the GREEN Support of the common people, with many Republicans now leaning in his Democratic direction to get things done, while other Republicans now seem to do nothing but talk. And the increased Business of our nation is still to come. However, with President Obama’s various stimulus plans, whether you like it or not, his intentions are obviously to create more business than stand still and watch the nation’s commercial viability die.

Need I say more? Until any negative results come in, President Barack Obama gets an A from me. And even if everything is not perfect a year from now... Well, who is perfect anyway? You catch my point. Let the man do his job and judge him by his intentions. And right now, the president’s intentions all look like GRAVY!

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