Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Succeeding In Uncertain Times

After publishing two consecutive books in the past four months that deal with the subject of business and people who are successful at making money (Pecking Order - September 2008 and The Equation - January 2009) and with the state of the world economy being what it is, I was asked the following question in a recent interview with the METRO newspaper staff to be published and distributed around the city streets of New York, Philly and Boston:
METRO - The world is mired in a nearly unprecedented economic crisis and businesses are failing left and right. Is there any additional advice you might give your readers on how to succeed in these uncertain times?
I answered the question accordingly:
Beautiful question. And thanks for asking. Last fall I wrote my last adult fiction book for Simon & Schuster called Pecking Order where I outlined one man's rise from the cubicle of an accounting firm, making $60,000 a year, to the majority stock owner of his own company, worth $180 million. And I wrote all of the details of how this fictional character "Ivan David" made it happen for himself. However, the book is 500 pages long, and many fast-reading fiction fans typically don't want to read that many details. But understanding the details is the only real way to learn anything. Ask any successful CEO.
So at the end of the day, I have been a teacher of book writing for twenty-one years. But if needy people of the world fail to learn from the long and detailed lessons of life, in fiction or in non-fiction, then what more can you say to them? And if you think my book Pecking Order was bloated with business information at 500 pages, then do a page count of Warren Buffett's new book at your local bookstore and tell me how many pages he wrote. And that's the real Equation, my friend. Understanding how to get yourself out of a hole economically is a long and diligent read of life with very few shortcuts.
Now I've decided to continue to do my part in raising the Economic I.Q. of the people by answering one important "Question of The Week" in business, as it relates to The Equation of life.
Stay tuned, the first question and its answer will be posted January 18. If you have a business question that you would like me to answer please email it to omartyree@ascendantstrategy.net . For more information on The Equation or any of my books please visit http://www.omartyree.com/.

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