Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Using Technology to Keep In Touch

This week’s “ Business Question of The Week” comes from S.R. from Virginia:

I know you travel a lot promoting your books and I’m sure you meet a lot of great people wherever you go. How do you keep in touch with the people you have worked with and what is the best way to follow up opportunities with them? It can all seem so overwhelming?

Omar Tyree Answers:

You know what, I’ve had that same issue for years. I literally have stacks and stacks of business cards from being out on the road on book signing tours and at speaking events. And it is overwhelming to have that many contacts to call back and follow up with.

Amazingly, I have always been able to at least call back the people who I’ve wanted to do business with, but not all of them. All of the contacts may not be important in your immediate stream of things. However, you never know when something big may spark from an unlikely source. So you may have to touch bases with people anyway.

In my final fiction book entitled Pecking Order, published in September 2008, my main character “Ivan David” came up with the excellent idea of utilizing his web site staff to input all of the data from the business cards that he collected at network functions and parties. They would then send out thank you notes and follow up, especially since “Ivan” had an internet and web site marketing business.

So to take a page out of my book, Pecking Order, you may want to pay someone as little as $50 to input all of your business cards into an e-mail and data file like “Ivan David” does, and send them all a form letter from your “assistant” with your return address attached for their responses so you can carry out business with the interested parties from there. And e-mails make this process a lot simpler than phone calls.

In the meantime, if you don’t already have it, you may want to check out that Pecking Order book. I hear it’s about a guy named “Ivan David” who utilizes The Equation’s third component of Support to amass a fortune in just four incredible years. So learn it from the experience.

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