Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Create Small Successes towards Your Ultimate Goal

In this week’s Equation of Making Money series, the Business Question of the Week is asked by J. Chang from sunny Southern California:

At the beginning of each year people write down goals and make resolutions but do not stick to them. What is the difference between the 3 percenters like Robert Kyosaki and Donald Trump who stick to their goals and dream big, and others who lose their steam after a month or two?

Omar Tyree Answers:

That’s a million-dollar question indeed, J. And the answer lies in our own personalities. Some people begin to make goals and stick to them very earlier on in life, where others don’t. With the two men that you have named, they were both introduced to solid, everyday business principles before they even turned teenagers. So business comprehension is very natural for both men. So you can expect them to stick to their goals. They always have! They’ve been trained that way.
However, if you have not been introduced to early business practices and execution, and you’ve pretty much had a make-it-up-as-I-go-along existence, then what you can do now is put yourself in the company of those individuals around you who DO stick to their goals. And don’t just ask them how they do it, become regular hang-out friends or assistants of these individuals if you can, to pick their brains on an everyday level.

What you’ll then find is that these organized, stick-to-it drivers, generally have written down or made mental outlines of what they need to do to accomplish their goals, step by step. They also adapt well to changes that occur in their program. They understand that they are not working on an over-night-project, and they know full well that things take time to happen. The Donald Trump’s and Robert Kiyosaki’s of the world have developed the winning poise to see their plans through because they have been successful before.

So what we all need to do here is create small successes toward our ultimate goals that will drive us on an everyday basis, which can be very tedious for those who are not used to consistency in their lives.

In The Equation, Consistency is the final element of the first component of Love. Individuals who have learned to Love have certain advantages over those who did not. But that does not mean that we all can’t learn to Love. So get busy hanging out with more passionate people and have some of their fiery, stick-to-it Red to rub off on you!

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