Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Want a Book Deal from a Major Publishing Company, Learn to Hustle

This week we turn to the Big Apple for the “Business Question of the Week,” Nicole Little from New York asks:

What advice would you give to a self-published author looking to get a book deal from a major publishing company? What are some steps that a self-published author needs to take to position his or herself for a book deal?

Omar Tyree Answers

Nicole, as the famous song and acronym from a Staten Island, New York, rap group called the Wu-Tang Clan goes, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me / CREAMed it / the money / dollar, dollar bill, y’all!”

When I was picked up for my first, historical 2-book deal with Simon & Schuster, it was because I had already sold 25,000 books on my own, which represented more than $250,000 generated in the publishing industry with my name attached to it. So it became a no-brainer. “If this kid can move $250,000 worth of product on his own, imagine what he can do with us behind him.”
With that being said, as a self-published author, you have to learn how to HUSTLE, with marketing, promoting, sales, and hopefully a good book that creates a lot of buzz through word-of-mouth.

Just to name a few self-published authors outside of myself in the African-American publishing arena who went on to become major brand names are; E. Lynn Harris, Michael Baisden, Terri Woods, and Vickie Stringer. And although Terry McMillan, Zane, and Carl Weber were not self-published, they utilized much of same business savvy and marketing tools that self-published authors used to push their works and create major followings.

So, similar to last week’s blog, The Equation for success in any business is the accumulation of Green SUPPORT! You must have it in order to survive and to move forward. And once you have shown that you can indeed gather a large number of supporters for your work, you will have no problem getting a major publishing house to sit down at the deal table and talk serious numbers with you.

Now, if you would also like to know more about what steps to take to make those bigger sales happen through time-tested ideas, well, you’re talking to a man who has been there and done that himself, so now ask me about my publishing “Master’s Degree” program @ ( But that’s only if you’re serious about moving forward!

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