Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Passion and Purpose Start at Home

This week’s Business Question was sent in by Amy Jackson who resides in Oklahoma City:

How do I find my Purpose /Passion? Is it a feeling? Are there questions that I can ask myself to arrive at this conclusion?

Omar Tyree Answers:

That’s a very timely question, and I was asked one very similar to it this past weekend at a Hip Hop Conference at Hood University in Fredericks, Maryland. A young lady asked me, “How do I motivate the young kids who I work with at educational centers, who just don’t seem to have any motivation?”

I responded very honestly that motivation from an outside source is the hardest thing in the world to accomplish. We all have to create our own motivation through a hunger to achieve something specific. And the motivation has to become internalized. So the question then becomes, “How do we turn on someone else’s fire?” Now, of course, we often hear stories about people being motivated to succeed at certain endeavors because someone told them that they couldn’t. However, I guarantee you that those individuals were already motivated, and typically, these self-motivated people use outside challenges as extra motivation. But what about when there is zero motivation, Passion, or Purpose to begin with?

So the reality to your questions is yes, Passion is an emotional feeling of movement that some of us have lost when it comes to career goals of Purpose, because we have not been around it on a regular basis. What I’m saying here is that Passion and Purpose starts at home, and moves into the spaces that we work, play, and congregate in. So if you do indeed lack an emotion of Movement and a Passion for Purpose, then you may actually be hanging in the wrong space and around the wrong people. You’ll now need to learn how to choose the people, places and things that will push you forward to DO SOMETHING! And if you don’t want that feeling of Movement developed inside yourself from those around you, then you may need to check your own desire.

That is what I told the young woman this past weekend at the Hip Hop Conference. You have to be a motivating factor for the young people around you. And you tell them to “Go get it!” no matter what it is, until they get tired of hearing your mouth. Then you say it to them again. So The Equation here is manifesting your Love of life. You have to find your own go button. What things turn on your fire? Make a list of your likes and dislikes in terms of career goals. And when you’re finished, make your decision to go get what you want and stop procrastinating. Do it NOW or continue to be the cause of your own downfall.

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