Monday, March 9, 2009

“Leslie” Soon to Hit the Big Screen

This week’s “Business Question of the Week” is posed by Bessie McElvaine, who resides in Charlotte, NC:

I just finished reading your book Leslie and enjoyed it a lot. Is there a strong possibility that you will do a sequel?

Omar Tyree Answers:

Well, Bessie, you’re in luck. For the most part, we want to answer strictly “business” questions in this weekly Equation blog, but in this particular case, and with this particular book title of Leslie, you have actually chosen my next big business adventure into feature film production. The book Leslie was written as a movie idea nearly a decade ago, and now we are extremely close to realizing this great New Orleans-based novel as my first feature film production. And that is indeed “big business.”

With all that’s going on with the world economy these days, American films miraculously continue to make money, with already $1 billion dollars alone in January 2009, and a reported 22% business increase from 2008 at this time, while nearly every other business, outside of Wendy’s and McDonald’s - because we all have to eat – tanks.

With that being said, the idea of Leslie was originally thought up as a trilogy, where I would write not one, not two, but three books in a Leslie series. But I never wrote the sequel book because I wanted to wait for enough people to read the first book. Well, with a great film production now in the works, as soon as we acquire the green-light capital needed to start the Leslie film production down in New Orleans, Louisiana, for this summer, I will then begin an immediate discussion with the publishing houses about the sequel and trilogy books, which would be pushed a lot stronger by the extreme marking power of an expected film.

So The Equation for this week’s question encompasses all 4 components, beginning with your Love for Leslie as a novel, my Art of creating Leslie in the first place, and now adapting it into a screenplay, the new Support that we expect to receive for the novel produced as a feature film, and the Business investors that we still need for it all to happen.

So stay tuned to my web site announcements between now and June to see if we are really on our way toward Leslie the film, which immediately kicks in the sequel, as well as the trilogy.

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  1. I have, and will continue to patiently wait for the last two books in the Leslie Trilogy. This is by far my most favorite book ever! I have bought it three times, actually waiting on my fourth copy to come in today. I am always pushing people to read it because I love it, and just have to have a copy with me so I can re-read it from time and time again. Glad to know it's coming to film and I get to read more. *Excited* (